Saturday, October 16, 2010

A collage of l'orange

Agate, Coral, Amber, Pearl & Honey Jade


Branch Coral and Strawberry Quartz

Vintage Cognac Dispenser

Vintage Welby Pocket Alarm Clock
 Fall into the season with these vibrant orange accessories for you and your home. Punch up your foyer with one of the 4" by 6" cotton throw rugs, jazz up your office with these up-cycled orange owl bookends, or adorn your neck with a fiery, coral statement necklace. All of these hot accessories available at Adorn the Village!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A big THANKS to all!

from Misha and Sarah we say
"thank you!!"
We were so happy this weekend to be able to celebrate our grand opening at "Adorn the Village". We like to send our gratitude to the friends and family that came by to show there support. It was an unforgettable evening!

Here are the vintage canisters I was referring to in the previous post....

finally got these pictures to load, had a heck of a time with blogspot this week. Sorry!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Countertop clutter no more!

If you're an organizational nut like myself, then you'll love these vintage canisters to keep your counter top conundrum in check. I am a container nut, the more stuff you can conceal in your home, the better. Now of course there are the obvious ways to use these canisters, for your sugar, flour, tea etc....or you could try using them for cookies, dog treats, scratch paper, chopsticks, cards or domino's. There are so many options. The skies the limit. All of these beauties are available at Adorn the Village. Come by and pick up a set today, and start the de-clutter revolution!