Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sip on something from yesteryear.....

You can't look at a home decor magazine lately without seeing the use of a home bar or beverage tray. It's usually tucked away in someones living room or sitting room or even kitchen. Let's face it most people like to end a long day with a martini or a glass of wine and how handy it would be to have a home bar at your disposal. What I love with these little bar vignettes is the use of beautiful glassware. Some of the best glassware ever made stems(no pun intended) from the 1960's. With brands such as Culver, Cera and Federal Glass Co. putting out some of the finest. These companies gave such attention to detail,  with their bold patterns and their use of gold and silver enamel. It's nice to see even in 2010, vintage glassware has a place among some of the chicest bars in some of the most beautiful homes around the world.

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Top picture from one of my fav online mags:

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